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This is the story of Major Craig Wilson, combat leader, and the men and women of Bravo and Kiwi Companies. It starts in 2010 at Burnham army base and includes infantry preparations for their tour to Afghanistan, known as Crib 20 - the NZ Army's deadliest tour of duty since Vietnam. In 2012, the story moves to Romero Base, Bamiyan Province, Afghanistan, as the security situation worsens and culminates in the battle at Baghek and its aftermath. It describes in fascinating detail what it is like to serve and sacrifice for your country, and the physical and mental discipline needed to go from peaceful New Zealand to a war-torn country where you are never sure who is your friend and who your enemy. Major Craig Wilson is a decorated former SAS member. He was the commanding officer of Bravo Company, which lost 2 soldiers when they went to the aid Afghan police at Baghek in August 2012. Craig was left injured, shot in the shoulder, and was Medevac'd to a German hospital. There he heard 3 more of his team had died in an explosion. Over 50 photographs, many never before published, including those from the day of the battle itself.

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