In Keto for Life, Mark shows readers how to reset their biological clock in 21 days through a unique program that combines intermittent eating with strategies to lower inflammation and achieve metabolic flexibility.

Readers will come to understand the Four Pillars of Longevity: Diet, Fitness, Mental Flexibility, and Rest and Restoration, learning best practices to slow the ageing process.

Then they will carry out a 21-day Biological Clock Reset, with action items complete each day from each of the four pillars (including dietary practices, journal exercises, movement and routines, and rejuvenation practices) and develop a morning routine that promotes healthy living.

Mark's meal plans detail what to eat for every decade of life, how to reduce carbs and increase protein intake as you age, and how to turbo charge your metabolism for increased energy, appetite, cognitive function, and stabilised mood. Specifically targeted for the nutrition and lifestyle needs at each stage of life, this book brings and entirely new facet to the ketogenic eating trend.

The book includes 80 recipes and a 16-page colour insert.


About the author:

Mark Sisson is the best-selling author of The Primal Blueprint and The Keto Reset Diet, a former world-class endurance athlete, and one of the leading voices of the burgeoning evolutionary health movement. His blog,, has paved the way for Primal enthusiasts to challenge conventional wisdom's diet and exercise principles and take personal responsibility for their health and wellbeing. With over 2 million unique monthly visitors, the blog is one of the top-ranked health websites on the internet. 


  • Paperback | 304 pages
  • 180 x 235 x 32mm | 580g
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